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Jeanie Madsen Gallery
Jeanie Madsen Gallery
Recent U.S. Exhibitions:

In the Fall of 2012, the TRUNK Gallery in Venice/Los Angeles presented new paintings, sculpture and primarily print work that has been my current obsession. I also constructed my first "installation" piece. This was a shared gallery showing along with a great painter and friend Michael Temple ("Tempo" for those who are familiar with his musical identity), and my work is available in Gallery One. Thank you for joining us and celebrating this special event.

Untitled #1 Recent International Exhibitions:

Incredible new paintings are available here after standing room only shows in Culver City and Budapest. They are available for viewing in Gallery Two for all your pleasurable viewing.
0006 Moris has just finished a new body of sculptural work (27 pieces) that have a Black Forest meets Brother's Quay feel to them. They are now up in Gallery Eight on the art pages for viewing.
queensway 11 Also, a new series of paintings inspired by the images left by the scraped-off, ripped-clean layers of old billboards in London's Queensway Station, seen while on previous year's tour with PJ Harvey, have been making gains in the foreign art stock market. In Gallery Five now.

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