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art : bio

moris tepper, los angeles, california Moris Tepper is a visionary artist who works both in and outside the definitions of a figurative abstract-expressionist. Paint and sculpture are his most commonly explored mediums. He is a native of California and presently divides his working time between an art studio in Nanaimo, B.C. and a home studio in Los Angeles, California.

He studied with the famous illustrator, James White, at Otis Art Institute after garnering an art scholarship at 14 years of age. He furthered his studies at the famous Chicago Art Institute where he pursued the technical issues of painting through photo-realism.

For more than twenty years, Moris Tepper has been known internationally for his artwork through exhibitions and notable collections. Over these decades, the work has evolved from a young artist conquering technique, evidenced in his early photo-realist paintings, to a mature artist's appreciation of gesture, present in his more recent abstract works.


"I paint to uncover the truths that lay below the surface of my consciousness. I am able to articulate a deeper, more profound expression of self through the medium of painting than with words. My process is consumed by the unconscious. When an unanticipated mark appears from the movement of my brush across the canvas, I accept this line as an honest expression of self and choose to respect it's presence unaltered. Exploring this process has brought to light different elements of self that otherwise would remain hidden. The process of art and particularly the medium of paint create an opportunity to display unknown elements of myself in a reflective light."


1975 - 1976, Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, Illinois.
1974 - 1975, Humboldt State University, Arcata, California.
1972 - 1973, Otis Art Institute Scholarship, Los Angeles, California.

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