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moris tepper at van ha, lawndale, california Anyone who's listened to Moris Tepper perform hears something that differs from his role as guitarist and string sideman for such legendary music luminaries as Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, Frank Black, etc. Moris is an intrinsic part of the unique sounds for which these underground favorites have become legend.

Recent reviews of the live shows are "off the scale" (see below). Moris' live shows are heralded both by the press and by the public, as evidenced by the reviews and his consistently well attended live shows. He's also shared the stage with the likes of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Pixies, Queens Of The Stone Age, John Hiatt, The Violent Femmes, Robyn Hitchcock, Leon Russel, and John Prine, to name a few. He's toured extensively both in Europe and the US and his CDs are distributed and sold worldwide.

In addition, what is most striking is the way Moris has surfaced as a brilliant and gifted songwriter. He's got songs, actual songs and each one is a shiny model of craft and invention. "When you've had to use pumpkin seeds because you couldn't afford guitar picks, you learn to pick ripe songs and not wash off the dirt." They poke you in the heart while nudging the boundaries of the alternative-rock sound palette. His own song writing reflects his deep and genuine love of blues, folk and ethnic music. This explains his unique instrumentation and arrangements.

Moris Tepper's bands are characterized by unique choices and high flying daredevil players with extraordinary musicianship. But the songs are ultimately responsible for the audiences' journey from the humorous to the destitute sadness of a truly broken heart and back again.

recent press samples

"It was hard to take your eyes off singer-guitarist Moris Tepper as he hulked around the small stage and conjured a mighty noise with his two backing musicians....on Saturday. One of the best live shows I've seen in years." Richard Cromelin - LA Times 2/20/06

"you never know what to expect out of his live sets. You'll hear him pull off those unusual guitar lines (like he's just done on the new Frank Black album), and what strange sound color this band puts out; sort of a desert antique-modern, " John Payne - LA Weekly

"Tepper went ahead and delivered a night of entertainment that blazed with the kind of honesty, intensity, and humor that most of us local slouchers have given up expecting to find in the clubs." Chuck Crisafulli - BAM

"Moris.... had me drippin' drool on my chest because I didn't even notice how far my jaw was hanging down." Scott Morrow - LA Weekly


music for television

The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman - IFC
Scrubs - NBC
The Henry Rollins Show - IFC
The Mouse & The Monster - Saban, UPN
Bakersfield P.D. - Fox

music for albums

Moris Tepper
"A Singer Named Shotgun Throat"
"Stingray In The Heart"
"Head Off"
"Moth To Mouth"
"Big Enough To Disappear"

Frank Black
"Black Letter Days"
"Devil's Workshop"
"Dog In The Sand"
"Teenager Of The Year"
"Frank Black"

Tom Waits
"Frank's Wild Years"

Charlotte Hatherley
"Grey Will Fade"

Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band
"Ice Cream For Crow"
"Doc At The Radar Station"
"Shiny Beast"
"Bat Chain Puller" - Warner Bros. Records


Wyckham Porteous
"In This World"

Robert Williams
"Buy My Record"
"Date With The Devil's Daughter"

live performance

recent select shows
Moris Tepper / PJ Harvey - The Wiltern (plus multiple World Tours)
Moris Tepper / John Frusciante - The Knitting Factory
Moris Tepper / Tenacious D. - Henry Fonda Theatre
Moris Tepper / Robyn Hitchcock - Northwest Tour
Maanifestivalen - Oslo, Norway
Winnipeg Folk Festival
Vancouver Folk Festival

Tom Waits
"Frank's Wild Years" - Steppenwolf Theater, Chicago

Captain Beefheart
"Saturday Night Live" - NBC
"Eye On L.A." - ABC

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